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Extensive Real Estate Litigation Experience

A deal is a deal until one party backs out. When a real estate deal goes sour, legal recourse may be available. Likewise, if you are facing a partition action concerning joint ownership of property or a specific performance case to force the sale of property, or your property is encumbered with a lis pendens or mechanic’s lien, you will need the help and advice of a qualified and experienced real estate attorney.

How The Dreyfuss Firm, PLC Assists In Real Estate Sales Disputes

When you discover an issue with your real estate purchase, you may have cause for legal action. At our office, we thoroughly investigate your situation and consult with industry experts if needed to develop the strongest possible evidence-based case. Our firm steps in to assist when property owners discover issues like material misrepresentation of the property and failure to disclose defects and other matters that affect the value and suitability of your property. We hold sellers, real estate brokers and others accountable for damages arising from such nondisclosures. We handle cases involving specific performance where the seller backs out of the transaction, disputes concerning recovery of the deposit where the sale is cancelled, escrow disputes, title disputes, and disputes with title insurance companies. The Dreyfuss Firm, PLC also represents clients concerning disputes involving contractors, including construction defects and mechanic’s liens.

Effective Boundary Dispute Representation

If you are facing a boundary or easement issue or other neighbor dispute, a seasoned lawyer can advise you on your rights, the law and your best course of action. We can help with:

At The Dreyfuss Firm, PLC, we look at the big picture. We first assess the benefits and risks of each alternative and then work with our client to ascertain which approach is best.

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With more than 40 years of experience, we have extensive backgrounds in real estate and business litigation. We serve clients in Orange County and all of Southern California.

Even a one-hour consultation can often shed light on your resolution options. If you have been served with a lawsuit, it is without question in your best interest to promptly seek qualified legal representation. Your attorney will then assess what needs to be done and how quickly. Alternative dispute resolution and mediation are sometimes options, as well as pretrial negotiation and settlement. We have the experience and skill to take the case to trial if necessary, but most real estate disputes are resolved earlier in the process, and we are well equipped to negotiate a favorable resolution on your behalf.

To discuss your case with a seasoned real estate professional, call our Irvine office at 949-727-0977 or fill out our online contact form and we will get back to you promptly. We serve clients in Orange County and all of Southern California.