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Legal Counsel For Co-owner And Family Member Property Disputes

Disputes involving ownership of real property may arise when one or more of the owners wants to sell the property and others do not. Often a lawsuit called a partition action is needed in order to compel the sale and determine how the proceeds should be apportioned. In other instances persons take title for the benefit of the real owner or joint owner, and disputes may later arise concerning actual ownership of the property. These arrangements often exist in the absence of written agreements since they usually involve family members or friends. Resulting disputes are therefore ripe for lawsuits, so prompt and effective advice and representation by an experienced real estate attorney is crucial.

Disputes Between Family Members

When family members (not spouses) co-own a home or another type of property, friction can occur in a number of different situations. For example, one owner may wish to sell the property while the other owners do not. Disputes can also arise when it comes to deciding who gets to live in the property, who should be responsible for maintenance and taxes and who is responsible for damage to the property. These issues can be complicated and become contentious quickly. We will work hard to help keep emotions in check while pursuing lasting solutions to property disputes between family members.

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