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Uniquely Qualified To Resolve Contractor Disputes

Construction and remodeling projects can be stressful events despite attempts to budget responsibly and vet contractors thoroughly. At some point in the planning process, however, it’s necessary to move ahead, begin your project and hope for the best.

Serious contractor disputes, such as a breach in contract, can derail your project and will take more than hope or good faith to resolve. In these instances, it may be necessary to take legal action against the responsible party. Whether you need to assert your rights in a matter with a contractor or subcontractor, our attorneys at The Dreyfuss Firm, PLC, are ready to help.

Ready To Handle Your Conflict

Throughout Southern California, businesses, homeowners and general contractors turn to our attorneys when they are struggling with contract disputes that threaten their projects’ processes and their bottom lines. At our small firm, we offer cost-conscious representation that gets results.

Our legal team brings 75 years of combined litigation experience to each case we handle. Having successfully resolved countless real estate disputes, we are uniquely qualified to help you with matters involving:

  • Mechanic’s liens
  • Delay claims
  • Breach of contract
  • Substandard materials claims
  • Poor workmanship

We work closely with all our clients, tailoring our strategy according to their unique circumstances. You can depend on us to examine your contracts, correspondence and other documents that are relevant to the case before we propose our plan. When you have determined the strategy that you’d like to pursue, we will move swiftly to reach a resolution.

Your construction or remodeling project may be overwhelming and uncertain. But we believe that your relationship with your legal team doesn’t need to be. For accessible, thoughtful representation, look no further than our team at The Dreyfuss Firm, PLC.

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We know that your dispute is important to you, so we respond to emails and phone calls promptly. Please complete our online contact form or call 949-727-0977 to reach a skilled real estate litigation attorney at our firm today.

We offer free phone consultations, so you have nothing to lose by connecting with our Irvine firm.