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Assertive Representation In Failure To Disclose Disputes

Sellers in residential real estate are required to disclose any known defects before the property changes hands. Unfortunately, it is not rare for defects or malfunctions to be omitted from the disclosure form, which can cost the buyer significant money to repair. When these situations arise, it may be necessary to take or defend against legal action.

For over 40 years, our team at The Dreyfuss Firm, PLC, has helped clients protect their financial interests before, during and after real estate transactions. We have represented both buyers and sellers in failure to disclose lawsuits and other challenging real estate disputes.

What You Need To Know About Disclosures

In California, sellers are not required to fix defects prior to a sale unless the parties agree in the buy-sell agreement that the defect will be corrected. Although they may not be financially responsible for addressing these problems, sellers may fail to disclose for many reasons. Whether the omission was accidental or intentional, disclosure is still a requirement that can lead to difficult disputes.

Our lawyers are equipped to represent clients in matters related to the failure to disclose a range of defects, such as:

  • Code violations
  • Roof damage
  • Foundation defects
  • Electrical system flaws
  • Water damage
  • Black mold

In certain situations, the defect may be cosmetic in nature, requiring a coat of paint or other superficial solution. Other defects, such as roof repair or mold remediation, are expensive to address, adding thousands of dollars to a new home purchase.

Our real estate litigation attorneys are well-versed in the legal remedies that homeowners can pursue for economic damages arising from failure to disclose disputes. We are also able to defend against allegations of nondisclosure. Do not face this stressful legal issue alone – our team is ready to advocate for you.

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