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Offering Cost-Conscious Counsel In HOA Matters

Purchasing a home with a well-run homeowners association (HOA) can help your real estate retain its value in the face of downturns and high neighborhood turnover rates. Becoming a member of a poorly run HOA can have the opposite effect. HOAs that engage in discriminatory practices or are negligent in their oversight can harm your property values, requiring years to recoup your initial investment.

For over four decades, homeowners and HOAs have relied on The Dreyfuss Firm, PLC, to provide sound counsel at cost-effective rates. We are committed to helping you protect your property rights today and your wealth over the long run without charging inflated legal fees. Talk to us for free about your situation and learn how we can assist you.

Using The Law To Hold Parties Accountable

Although you may believe that your HOA is engaged in unlawful practices, it may be overwhelming to handle this legal matter alone. Consult with us about your concerns. Our lawyers share over 75 years of legal experience with real estate conflicts like yours.

We have the insight you need to handle a range of disputes that involve:

  • Discrimination claims
  • Allegations of negligence that lead to property damage
  • Breach of contract claims
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims
  • Election disputes
  • Selective enforcement
  • Excessive assessment claims

We draw on our extensive understanding of California’s contract laws and homeowner rights when we take your case. Our broad base of knowledge helps us identify problematic terms that may exist in your HOA’s bylaws and governing rules.

We have also successfully represented HOAs throughout Southern California that need assistance with compliance, homeowner disputes and other matters. Many of our clients have found that our experience on both sides of the aisle allows us to build effective arguments that support their interests.

Get A Proven Ally By Your Side

Take the first step toward finding a resolution to your HOA issue today. Call 949-727-0977 or email our Irvine office to discuss your HOA conflict with an experienced real estate attorney.