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About The Dreyfuss Firm, PLC

Real estate and business law are complicated. Laws change over time, and this keeps the practice interesting and engaging. At The Dreyfuss Firm, PLC, we are passionate about our real estate and business litigation practice and stay on top of even nuanced changes to the laws because we know that small changes can have a great impact.

The Dreyfuss Firm, PLC, is founded upon providing cost-conscious and honest representation to individuals and small-business owners. We offer a calm and rational perspective and formulate solutions aimed at providing the most efficient long-term benefits. We work diligently to forge plans that best serve our clients’ particular legal needs. Our commitment to practical, cost-effective results combined with our decades of experience has earned us the confidence of hundreds of satisfied clients.

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Extensive Successful Appellate Law Experience

We are committed to ensuring that clients fully understand their options. Both attorneys have extensive court experience, both in fact finding trial court and in appellate court where complex legal issues are argued before an entire panel of justices. Appellate courts require a deep understanding of the law and the ramifications of changes in the law, and their decisions often set precedents that create new law or clarify legal issues. This is why appellate court representation requires a great level of logic and persuasiveness. We have decades of accumulated skill helping clients embroiled in business and real estate conflicts find effective resolutions and achieve success.

Contact Us To Find Out How We Can Help You

With more than 40 years of experience, we have successfully handled a wide variety of real estate and business cases. To discuss your case with a seasoned professional, call our firm at 949-727-0977 and speak with a lawyer or fill out our online contact form and we will get back to you promptly. Located in Irvine, we represent clients in all of Southern California.